Body balm Cranberry 180 ml


About the product

This nourishing and firming balm is created on the basis of natural oils and plant extracts with a distinguished sweet and mesmerizing aroma of cranberry. It contains a lot of precious oils, such as argan oil known for its rejuvenating properties, or jojoba oil, which perfectly renews the hydrolipid coat. The cranberry oil present in the composition has antiradical, regenerating, and smoothing properties.

Active ingredients:

+ Centella asiatica extract,

+ Vitamin E

+ AQUAXYL® hydrating  complex based on xylitol

+ Cranberry Seeds oil

+ Argan oil

+ Jojoba  oil

+ Sweet almond oil

+ Macadamia oil

100% Vegan


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The balm is enriched with the extract of centella asiatica which has strong anti-inflammatory, firming and hydrating characteristics, and xylitol, which is responsible for sustaining the optimal concentration level of hyaluronic acid in the skin.



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