Bronzing body and face balm Orange & Cinnamon 180 ml


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This exceptional body balm with an oriental fragrance of oranges and cinnamon and carefully selected ingredients give the skin a beautiful and natural tint. The abundance of natural oils: baobab, sunflower, and carrot oils prevent the skin from becoming dry, berry wax strongly moisturizes, and macerate from flowers of the bitter orange revitalizes and soothes irritations.

European bestseller.

Active ingredients:
+ Carrot oil
+ Baobab oil
+ Sunflower oil
+ Aloe extract
+ Vitex Agnus Castus (Chasteberry)
+ Macerat from the orange flower
+ Blueberry wax
+ Vitamin E

100% Vegan


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The balm contains soothing aloe and vitamin e that acts as an antioxidant. Additionally, it has been enriched with an innovative compound of natural origin „MelanoBronze”, with a vitex agnus-castus extract that increases the natural pigmentation of the skin by stimulating the production of melanin in melanocytes. Thanks to those features the skin becomes darker in the same way as during sunbathing, however, without the need of exposing it to UV radiation.



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