Born in Gdańsk – the capital of Baltic amber. An Art Historian graduated at the University of Gdańsk and University of Leiden. Currently living in The Netherlands. Forever inspired by the true beauty and variety of amber. 

 Jewelry is, in my opinion, the most decorative and entirely personalized code that women often choose to express and to enrich the features of their defined personalities. For my jewelry projects, I carefully select the finest pieces of natural Baltic amber from Gdańsk, making sure that each of them will be characterized by the uniqueness of its structure and will be comfortable to wear, therefore I never compromise on quality and beautiful design.

 My cognition, knowledge, and love for amber – for its warm texture, rich color, and its healing properties – are resulting from discovering and growing up in Gdańsk.

My Projects and Mission

 There are no two identical pieces of amber, hence all the bracelets will be constructed of different lumps of amber yet with the same project intention. Baltic amber due to its transparency perfectly absorbs the light and in combination with silver, it gently corresponds with every type of skin.

 While making the bracelets I want to be convinced that each of my projects will suit every woman’s need of feeling special while wearing it day by day. I constantly search for new forms and variants of jewelry that regardless of the time will be representing the original ideas and at the same time will be mirroring and matching every holder’s personality.

 My idea is: genuine, high-quality Baltic amber combined with 925 sterling silver elements, a sensible idea next to it and the final result is an unexpected effect of refining and enchanting, handmade amber jewelry that sets the Chamber of Amber apart from others.

Amber - The "Gold of the North"

 The Baltic amber, or succinite, is the fossilized tree resin originally formed over 40 million years ago in the vast forest growing in the area where the Baltic Sea lies now. Baltic amber often features organic fragments which are the traces of life from millions of years ago sunk in resin.

 Amber is a mineral of many colors, a great variety of textures, forms and different levels of transparency. It is possible to distinguish three main levels of transparency of amber: transparent, semi-transparent and none-transparent. Depending on the age amber lumps range from milky, through all shades of yellow and orange to cognac red. Each kind of amber reflects the light marvelously. Amber possesses a clear reference to nature and it is proven that it has a positive impact on the nervous system. 

Gdańsk - The World Capital of Amber

 Gdańsk is unquestionably a center of amber mining and processing it into greater jewelry works of art. This Hanseatic city lies at the intersection of ancient and modern amber routes.

 Gdańsk owns one of the major harbors located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, where since the XIV century when amber became exceptionally sought for, it was exported to cities such as Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Lübeck, and Venice. The turn of the XVI and XVII century was the “golden age” for amber craft in Gdańsk.

 The city was agglomerating many workshops, mostly located in the area of the Old Town, where amber artifacts were executed on the special request of rich city dwellers, the nobility, aristocrats, the clergy and Polish royalties.

 To esteem, the “amber glory” of Gdańsk one of the amber varieties was called gedanit after the city name.

 Since 1994 Gdańsk hosts one of the world’s most important amber fair – Amberif

My hometown has always been a significant place of many enterprises that inspired and triggered me to start my very own amber jewelry project – Chamber of Amber – concentrated on the original design and innovation.

chamber of amber