See the amber entirely new way.

Collection 2020

Amber Allure

 The collection Amber Allure was designed with greater attention to detail. The collection contains seven, handmade unique bracelets created of the finest pieces of Baltic amber and 925 sterling silver elements.

 The mesmerizing and outstanding character of the bracelets is an unmistakable trademark of Chamber of Amber. The subtle lustrous effect of sterling silver and deep, warm color of amber makes these two materials a perfect pair in the jewelry world. The size of the bracelets can be customized with an additional chain which helps to adjust the bracelet to the width of your wrist. The idea of the collection was based on today’s woman profile – those who strive for individuality, elegance and are conscious of their beauty.

Three main features of Amber Allure:

1. Elegant yet with modern design

2.  These bracelets fit every type of clothing, both for formal and informal occasions

3. Unquestionable uniqueness